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The individual is basic data

Real full name: Sexual distinction of dragon 掁 brook: Female at present seat: Guiyang
Id number: 52273119890**** height: Seat of 158 census register: South Guizhou
The birth date: 1989-2-12 nation: Marital status of the Han nationality: Maiden
Political appearance: The Youth League member

Educational setting (technical secondary school)

The school: Record of formal schooling of school of Guizhou Province economy: Time of technical secondary school: In September 2005---In June 2008
The first major: Finance and economics kind the first foreign language: English the 2nd foreign language: Without
The 2nd major: The computer kind competence: General competence: Without
Once groomed experience with education:
Came on September 1, 2005 accountant report calculated finance affairs of school of Guizhou Province economy on June 25, 2008 turn evidence of accountant of technical secondary school

Working experience

Intent of to apply for a job

1, course of study of position requirement group: Do not be restricted position category: Do not be restricted
2, position asks 2 industries: Do not be restricted position category: Do not be restricted
Hope work area: Do not be restricted company property: Do not be restricted
Hope monthly pay asks: Do not be restricted current condition:

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