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To apply for a job reads surely: The awkwardness in Chinese company invite appli
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Apply for a job, what is just optimal way? No matter be to pass burgeoning network invite applications for a job, the newspaper invite applications for a job that still uses a convention, talent communication is met, the effect that acquaintance of be not a patch on recommends is apparent, the enterprise that exceeds half the number most way of approbated invite applications for a job is to pass employee or acquaintance to recommend a talent. Is this inevitable? Be still the awkwardness in Chinese company current situation?

Acquaintance is recommended is shortcut of “ of to apply for a job”

No matter be controller of high level of invite applications for a job, still be middle-level manager general perhaps staff, the result of investigation shows consistently, acquaintance is recommended is an enterprise most the means that is happy to use. Data shows, controller of company high level is exterior invite applications for a job, be recommended by employee or acquaintance and the governor of company high level that has 46.17% comes; In the exterior invite applications for a job of middle-level controller, also have those who exceed an in part (be recommended by employee or acquaintance and controller of 50.85%) company high level comes; The invite applications for a job of general staff more do not break away from this odd group, the enterprise that is as high as 60.85% inducts a talent through “ circle ” .

Enterprise use “ concerns a ” , be after all is be fond of care? The reporter is covering a process in, most HR expresses, acquaintance recommends comer reliability taller, the circumstance to the other side and setting also can understand more clearly, on choose and employ persons relatively be at ease. But, the expert inside course of study points out, recommend through employee come the method of invite applications for a job, from long-term will look to be not to the enterprise beneficial, can involve the ” of “ petticoat influence that can appear in the company not only, can make company interior human more the concern may get involved because of what be not working element and become complex, drag in is not clear.

Skill experience most suffer an enterprise to take seriously

Investigation shows, the enterprise is in at present respect of choose and employ persons, what pay attention to most is professional skill and working experience. In a few subtle respects, the over enterprise of 1/5 is valued very much to applicant age, the enterprise of 7.87% is valued to applicant's sexual distinction. Look, there still is definite bias in respect of choose and employ persons in the enterprise at present, cannot talent of choose of ground of enough treat equally without discrimination.

Compared with paratactic first major skill is mixed for working experience, rank tertiary operating conditions to spend and undertake not easily making an on-the-spot investigation in interview. The reporter understands, manner of work of the person that the enterprise evaluates to apply for a job basically carries two kinds of kind: It is the working experience before the person that try through bedcover, inspect him to handle the way of the behavior of the crisis and the ways one gets along with others; Secondly, to doing not have the person of what work experience, the case that throws to him to had been designed beforehand lets him come fictitious processing. The expert inside course of study expresses, operating conditions spends the first reaction that a lot of moment are a person, it is the person's instinct, often also be the pettiest habit, should long-term attention is fostered.
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