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Each expert is enrolled to be raised from examinee to apply for a job
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At present, enter fastigium of to apply for a job. The examinee that just did to take an examination of degree to apply for oneself, part take an examination ofing grinds to join main force of to apply for a job what suffer a defeat in succession from examinee. From examinee this how to apply for a job? The reporter interviewed digital to apply for a job to succeed from examinee and relevant teacher.

Recognize target seizes an opportunity (education of Beijing city college grooms the center is in charge of Gui Fen)
From examinee to apply for a job, the most important is recognize target, seize an opportunity. Aimless person, lead a wandering life like a boat in boundless ocean, forever cannot draw close the shore. Have not less from examinee " amlposition " , find oneself is good, choice. Examinee was not taken again in devoid work experience when taking an examination of diploma oneself, want to drop frame work, think oneself want what to do after all, capture an opportunity again actively to strive for. The major of computer of a blame that I contact is graduate, want to pursue IT trade very much, have the exercitation opportunity of a relevant industry by chance, but do not have any pay, this classmate demur did not say to go. After the exercitation ends later, he is successful by ZhongGuanCun an IT enterprise is admitted.

Pay attention to ceremony to pay close attention to detail (Gu Peng of poineering association of institute of profession of Beijing science and technology)
From examinee to apply for a job should note appearance figure, too fashionable or childish dress had better not be worn. The schoolboy does not wear long hair, the schoolgirl had better not be caught hair, the schoolboy notices to shave even. When interview, must not chew chewing gum conversation. Invite applications for a job just is like is not active handclasp, applicant is fastened rushed stretch one's hand. The phone seeks advice, want to choose time going to work.
Interview is the important segment that applies for a success, 3 minutes when begin especially. Should keep gentle as far as possible state of mind, the face brings a smile, language fast smooth. Want answer of be practical and realistic to his circumstance, demerit is not sedulous and evasive, good qualities cannot babble. Resume is not done too flowery. Can get online look for some of resume stencil, the standard fills in. Be aimed at different company, had better resume of a few kinds of different version reserves.

Prominent dominant position gets the better of a person to prepare (Beijing earths up graduate of goosefoot profession college to apply Han)
The enterprise pays attention to cost accounting. From examinee to apply for a job, must consider what oneself can bring to the enterprise after all, and do not think what oneself can get blindly. When actually you are making contribution for the enterprise, already got a lot of material benefit in becoming aware. There are a lot of glitters to nod on examinee body oneself. For instance, wait mostly dependably, conscientiously from examinee. To having specialty advantage from examinee, want to be good at showing the talent of own extraordinary, can increase win out opportunity. I publish published article with many 400 just about, apply for those who be director of editorial office of some magazine company successfully.
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