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Duty field decompression: Let the N element that working pleasure rises
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Give oneself pressurization no longer, no longer anguish and complain -- although our professional career always is not happy. Experts give out a few proposals, help work of our reason look upon. These 5 method, can help us be on the road of happy job.

Although a lot of people like his profession, but allude to work at present every time, complexion or meeting fine turn cloudy. Company, colleague works with what must finish everyday, may create all sorts of conflict to us, in letting a person be immersed in painful relation even, if this kind of negative sentiment is long-term, the mood to us is corroded one kind namely.

Nowadays, the decompression method in providing literature of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties practices with gem gal, cannot have satisfied people more demand. How to walk out of this kind of condition? Can we seek gentle relationship in the office? When how working, does the corners of the mouth that lets oneself hang the hair smile from the heart? Experts are below put forward settle way:

   ① of happy a magic weapon does not let the job become again all

Dominick Meida says French sociologist: "Must stopping ' to work is the idea of all ' . " she emphasizes establishing a kind of gentle relationship in the job, but also admit at the same time, it is not easy that this are accomplished in reality, because we believe " do not work to do not have a meal to eat " . Hai Na of 27 years old is manager of hairdressing product brand, "I also hope to resemble book of self-help of a lot of psychology suggesting in that way, cannot be equal the life to make money at ' ' . But in the job, I still resemble never stopping resting bunny only. And, worse is, I can experience ambiguous joy from which actually! I can experience ambiguous joy from which actually!!

Petrick Amaer says French psychology expert: This kind of contradictory mood is not strange, working originally is the child that anguish and achievement interweave together cheek by jowl. But in actual life, your self-image is more multivariate, feel more easily happy. To this, american Yale psychologist sends emerald green Xia Linweier to suggest: "When setback and blow encountering in working when us, need gets resumptive in other side. If achievement feeling comes from the job only, so on the job not satisfactory, affect a mood more easily. Maintain suitable space with the job, establish a kind of gentle relationship, experience joy better to be in the job just about. Experience joy better to be in the job just about..

   ② of happy a magic weapon shows his good intention sentiment

A lot of moment, labour feel embarrassed depends on inanimate working atmosphere with happy germ. After Benjamin Sale undertakes investigating to a lot of enterprises, French psychologist discovers, a lot of companies have concise environment, comfortable air conditioning, soft carpet, but atmosphere makes the person feels asphyxial however. Good working atmosphere needs the effort of everybody, chat for instance, good intention affection, sense of humor, still have exchange brought small snacks everyday, can be happy beginning. Wang Huilin of referral center of psychology of Beijing aerospace university thinks: "The human relation of close stability is happy the mainest factor. We should abound the poor relationship in the office. Since be together with relatives and friends when, we can find joy, in why wanting to working then, abandon this kind of joy? Abandon this kind of joy??
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