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Duty field strategy: 5 kinds of to apply for a job person interview difficult su
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Boundless on road of to apply for a job, qualifications and record of service of setting of your record of formal schooling, job is not as poor as the family, why to suffer a defeat in to apply for a job again and again however? Why are you always connected do nevertheless this involve interview? The analysis that program expert is in the profession to refer case to more than 1000 discovers in research, in interview, encounter when interview official the following when 5 kinds of people, their majority does not grant to consider. Becoming interview official to encounter majority of the person that conceal real data dishonesty do not grant to consider.

   The person that conceal real data dishonesty

Resume is the first pace of to apply for a job, only interview official had fun at to your resume just can inform you of interview. Highlight individual characteristic appropriately in resume, body reveals him to suit this job, attracting interview official eyeball is well-advised. However, resume ten million cannot have conceal an individual true condition or the practice that cheat interview official.

Because pressure of to apply for a job is too great, some get the interview chance of certain work artificially, often divide in the water in resume. Xiaozhang is a this year's graduates of three-year institution of higher learning, see engineer of invite applications for a job of some big company, but record of formal schooling of the lowest on be recruited condition is undergraduate course, to enter interview of this big company, he sent a portion to be being written to human affairs ministry " undergraduate course graduates " resume, interview official already let him come to a company to go to work after interview Xiaozhang, abandon admitting him after the telephone call that receives human affairs ministry however. Because pass investigation, the record of formal schooling that discovers Xiaozhang is imitation.

   Find new job often stability is not tall person

There is kind of person on duty field, especially the undergraduate of a few strong finish school, always object to finding new job. Get not well or working is to feel individual value did not reflect frequent on pay ground to find new job. Such person is not admitted very likely in interview, no matter invite applications for a job of what kind of company, total hope staff can grow bit of time for company effectiveness, encounter the person that finds new job often, interview official also dare be not admitted, even if its job capability is again strong. A lot of works are very much post needs employee to be able to stand fast for a long time, if come up against what find new job often advocate, the company perhaps crosses streak to want newlywed person of new invite applications for a job again.

Of course everybody finds new job to have different reason, cannot treat as the same finds new job bad. But before finding new job must cogitative, do not leave the working history of dishonour on your resume.
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