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Self-respect of society of base oneself upon of student of to apply for a job is
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22 days of evening, home some is famous the enterprise is in in south the chair of an obtain employment that university of politics and law of finance and economics holds, attracted this school hundreds undergraduate heads for audit. "The graduate with what kind of need of unit of choose and employ persons " , care a topic most into undergraduates.

With at ordinary times the obtain employment that the college holds coachs kind of lecture is different, this the average per capita of give a lecture of the lecture is domestic well-known company installs the tall valve of interest firm, the undergraduate that a lot of is attracted expresses: Although the class of obtain employment guidance that college teacher tells is very useful, but they want to know more, bosses admire what kind of student after all.

Install Xia Jun of assistant inspector general of benefit Hubei branch to think, "Free-standing, self-respect, self-improvement " it is the main accomplishment that when the undergraduate walks out of a school gate, should have, look in her nevertheless, the undergraduate should be known above all " self-respect " . Her speak bluntly, the undergraduate enters a society, will face complex struggle for existence above all, each industry has his successful shortcut already, also have different rate " go regular " phenomenon, know the person that respects oneself only, ability wins the respect of adversary and person of the same trade.

In the meantime, want to obtain the boss' appreciate, the undergraduate should be remembered well " sincere letter " 2 words. She says, when a few undergraduate is being applied for, apply for successful machine rate to increase, often can exaggerate of purpose honor of concoctive even individual and ability, or keep a dominant position only and conceal inadequacy. These not sincere letter behavior, unit of noisy choose and employ persons is opposite metropolis severe double image to be evaluated graduately, because every boss hopes,oneself employee is " be worth to trust " .

As we have learned, although at present each college offerred course of obtain employment guidance, but lecture of renown look forward to still suffers undergraduates heat is held in both hands, number of attend a lecture often is the class inside school is severalfold, great majority student is to can know the news that comes from unit of choose and employ persons.

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