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Go to an university result of to apply for a job of graduate nuncupative turn on
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Major of Liu Jian computer assumes office to develop a company at some high-tech now

Having what a word says is " do not cultivate hang oneself to die in " , this word results from it seems that love of male and female, but to " two-way choice " course of study of choose of to apply for a job, hold out all the same applicable. Saying badly to listen actually is " a foxy person has more than one hideout " , saying Orpheanly to nod is " the chance that gives oneself a few life more " .

I learn computer major, popular, and although my university is not what famous brand, but also belong to 211 projects, also be countrywide key university, this is equal to on talent market possessed nuclear weapon, can turn up his nose at smally the world. I believe my ability, although my pa is small,have way, seeking a good job is not what tickler, but I can not miss sit idle and enjoy the fruits as others' work, man v/arc true man, say to do not have face, skill relies on him, both hands monarch opens happy way.

Draw near graduation, I and classmates are euqally busy all round mill, where to have talent market, where to have my figure. I braid the network with an one large magnify with my portion resume, scatter well and truly piece, with oneself actual strength, often be to return in the evening " fish " full cabin. Estate company, door of Ministry of finance, bank, college, information consults a company, high-tech develops a company... day Gao Rendiao flies, sea broadness is jumped by the fish!

Of course, in my choose job plan, this still is the first pace merely, can be lapidation ask the way only. Light asks a road to still be no good, the destiny still is being grasped in others hand. Nevertheless, good germinant the half that is a success. Before long, the interview announcement of each units began ground of land add add to come as expected. At this moment, because at the outset oneself scatter the handbill to distribute him resume euqally everywhere in talent market, I am thought by a lot of people idea is too vivid fluky: This person applies for a job how to the more the better to so extremely vicious degree!

But myself knows what he is doing. I attend the interview of each units actively, every prepare seriously. I feel my effort and sincerity are not let sb down those issue the unit that interview informs to me, in intense talent competition, I just think the ground mastered the active advantageous position of the choice in him hand to stop hard. My expression, make I achieve what one wishes the ground from be turned into by the chooser chooser, the at the last gasp of graduation, I am the person with intent most book is gotten in the department. Arrived this momently, I just loosened at a heat.

I chose a high-tech finally to develop a company to regard his as the start of the career, here, not only salary is higher, and can acquire a lot of things, especially incentive person is strenuous up competitive atmosphere and harmonious colleague concern, let me feel very satisfactory. The experience that I apply for a job is, do not be afraid of not know all about the goods is afraid that goods compares goods, choose and follow what is right, life does not have regret.
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