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Tan Dinghua won the "Outstanding Entrepreneur in Zunyi City" title
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September 21, Zunyi Zunyi Municipal People's Government held the "2009 Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year in recognition of Zunyi City Council." Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yu Zunyi Municipal People's Congress deputy director of the Li Xianguo, City Vice Chairman Tan Jianfeng, compliance

Yi City, chairman of the Federation of enterprises and entrepreneurs Jian Yoshiomi and concerned departments directly under, more than 130 business representatives attended the commendation. Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Tan Dinghua other 10 had an outstanding

Results were in recognition of outstanding entrepreneurs.

I Zunyi City in recognition of the representative made a speech at the meeting, he pointed out that a region can achieve sound and rapid economic development, the key is there a good mature group of entrepreneurs. To this end, the city's entrepreneurs

We should further strengthen the mission, opportunities and responsibilities "Three Kinds of Consciousness", to join the great cause of reform and development of the city, prompting the city's fast economic and social good, better and faster development; Entrepreneurs Association as the government and entrepreneurs

Bridge and link between, to give better play to industry self-regulation, together talent, maintain fair, to promote the positive role of experience, to promote the work of the Association to play a greater role.

At the meeting, Zunyi City, head of industrial energy committee to convey the provincial government when the principal leaders of the importance of research in Zunyi speech, urging them to continue to work under the new circumstances, new heights; hope the city's enterprises

Managers by the recognition of the outstanding entrepreneurs to learn, integrity management, forging ahead, as the city's economic and social development and make greater contributions.

Finally, Jian Yoshiomi President stressed in his speech, Zunyi City, and entrepreneurs as a business enterprise together their own organizations, enterprises and entrepreneurs that the service will be for the purpose of giving full play to a good bridge and link, and actively reflect the business

And entrepreneurs, comments, suggestions and requests, to promote enterprise reform and development, and promote the healthy growth of entrepreneurs, do everything, good service.