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Lawrence: "15 851 Talent Project" Construction of multi-level talent pool
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Recently, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, came the good news: the city, "15 851 Talent Project", the second level of training personnel, Zunyi Medical College Hospital research team led by Professor Chen Ling mechanism of resistance in the field of TB research to identify

The world has never been found in 4 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and type of gene mutation, the finding for the world first. This is the city, "15,851 Talent Project" made good progress in the implementation of another miniature.
In 2006, Zunyi City, vigorously implement the proposed "15 851 Talent Project", that is 5 years and train 10 have a certain influence in the country's experts and scholars, 50 have a certain influence in the province of senior personnel, 800

Over economic and social development in the city played an important role in the high-level personnel, professional and technical backbone of 5,000 personnel, 10 million rural practical talents, the project is divided into five levels of implementation.
Zunyi Municipal People have to be on a month has passed the tests, "15851 Talent Project" first-level personnel training grant special allowance of 1,000 yuan, the second level of personnel training special allowance payment of 500 yuan, to 17 this year,

A team of high-level personnel to provide 38 million research project funding; annual Spring Festival, the municipal government leaders will personally train qualified personnel for the first two levels festival condolences; clear high-level personnel will check the system for free

Degree of, free of charge every year to the first two levels have the talent and are in the post of senior professional titles, physical examination personnel.
Past three years, Zunyi City in order to increase "15851 Talent Project" personnel training, held in Zhejiang University has a "creative talent of Zunyi City Seminar", held in Guangxi University, "Zunyi Conference and Exhibition Industry

Talent Seminar ", held in Zhejiang University," Senior Seminar tea industry, "and so on. Actively recommend high-level personnel selected to participate in all levels of government experts in 2009, the second level of personnel training and other 4 were rated as Li Shaomin

Provinces and experts, into the fifth province of Guizhou Province, the ranks of management experts. Zunyi City in recognition of the second batch of the 99 named "City management experts", the first and second-level personnel of 74 people have been directly incorporated into the "city management expert" management, covering

Farmers, teachers, doctors, actors, journalists and non-public economy and other industries. Counties (districts, cities) in accordance with the requirements of the three, four, five talents into important areas of work, in order to grasp practical personnel in rural areas

Building the economy around with red, white, economy, green war economy, black economy industry practice, organized a skilled craftsman skills training and skills competitions, Honghuagang bonsai cultivation training, Zunyi County Stone

Carving skills training, are woven County essentials training, Meitan County, tea cultivation, bamboo Chishui practical training, personnel training each year more than 500 people.