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Zunyi, Guizhou, a large number of outstanding talent
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Zunyi City, "15 851 Talent Project", the second level of training personnel, Zunyi Medical College Hospital research team led by Professor Chen Ling mechanism of resistance in the field of TB research identified four kinds of the world has never been found in Mycobacterium

Bacteria and type of gene mutation to become the world's major discovery. Self-city "15 851 Talent Project" since the implementation of a large number of outstanding talent. Ta food Quan <

Zunyi City in implementing the "through human resource" strategy process, in order to better create a respect for labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, and create a good atmosphere, made in 2006 carrying out the "Talent Project 15851

", That in 5 years and train 10 have a certain influence in the country's experts and scholars, 50 have a certain influence in the province of senior personnel, more than 800 economic and social development in the city played an important role in the high-level personnel,

5,000 professional and technical backbone of the personnel, 10 million rural practical talents, divided into five levels of implementation. Wide publicity in 2008, the organization recommended, expert assessment, the leading group on the basis of the audit, the municipal government executive meeting

And the Municipal Standing Committee meetings were the first by determining the level of training of 14 personnel and 61 second level of training personnel list. Ta food Quan <

Zunyi City organizations at all levels, people groups, finance and other departments in accordance with the Government's request, in order to do a good job, "15851 Talent Project" in great efforts to strengthen the training of personnel at all levels and management of talent active in funding projects

, The advanced training course held in healthy human activities and festivals condolences to work for "15 851 Talent Project" of the implementation of the organization to provide security, financial security, system security and environmental protection. To actively support the

Talents General business and government have to be on a month has passed the tests, "15851 Talent Project" first-level personnel training grant special allowance of 1,000 yuan, the second level of personnel training special allowance payment of 500 yuan this year, also to

Team of 17 research projects for high-level personnel and 38 million in funding; the past three years, Zunyi City in order to increase "15 851 Talent Project" personnel training, held in Zhejiang University has a "creative people in Zunyi City

Senior Seminar only "in the Guangxi University, organized the" Exhibition Industry Talent, Zunyi City Seminar ", held at Zhejiang University," Senior Seminar tea industry, "and so on. Actively recommend high-level personnel to participate in all levels of government professionals

House candidate in 2009, the second level of personnel training, etc. 4 Li Shaomin was named "Tube experts", entered the fifth installment of Guizhou Province, "provincial control experts" list. Zunyi City in recognition of the second batch of the 99 named "City management experts" in

The first and second-level personnel of 74 people have been directly incorporated into the "city management expert" management, covering farmers, teachers, doctors, actors, journalists and non-public economic sector and other industries. Ta food Quan <

Zunyi City, "15 851 Talent Project" of the implementation has been the cause of considerable talent development, training and gathered a group in the province have a greater impact inside and outside the academic leaders, the formation of a number of outstanding creative team, creating a large number of

Professional and technical personnel, management personnel and rural enterprises and practical talents, training personnel at all levels in their respective industries, their respective areas have made outstanding contributions. First and second levels of the year, 74 personnel training

Have research projects and 116 research projects, some of the National Natural Science Fund, special funds and other funding the governor, some achievements in scientific research had an impact at home and abroad; obtained 32 patents, published professional papers

163, publishing editor of professional literature 20; to participate in international, national and provincial industry-academic exchanges and seminars in more than 160; 25 people received the "national innovation capacity-building Achievement Award", "reform and opening up three decades

State wine industry leader, "" National Advanced Individual food production "," outstanding contribution to the character of contemporary Chinese education "," Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award "," Guizhou Province Award for outstanding new products and technologies "," the first green of Guizhou Province

Award of creative talents, "" Tenth Youth Science and Technology Award in Guizhou Province "," the seventh installment of Guizhou Province, outstanding young scientists "and other honors. Third, fourth, five-level personnel training more than by national, provincial and municipal as industry for the first

Into the personal, practical talents in rural areas where there is a local talent who won the national title of the rural and 16 top-notch local talent to obtain the title of the province.